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ClassBeginning business in 1984, Maggie Shine, LLC offers preparatory classes and self study materials for securities licensing required by FINRA as well as life, accident and health insurance licensing examinations . Materials for firm element continuing education are also available through Maggie Shine, LLC.

Maggie Shine is the president and owner. Maggie holds multiple licenses in the securities industry and has a background which includes work for the NASD, now known as FINRA, as an examiner. She also served as vice-president of Operations and Compliance for a broker-dealer before starting her own training firm. Maggie has degrees in economics and finance as well as an MBA from Rockhurst College. Her education and experience set her apart in the field of securities training .

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  • Monthly securities licensing classes for Series 6, 7, 24, 63, 65 and 66.

  • Maggie Shine, LLC also offers material to meet the firm element requirements of continuing education for the securities industry.


Shannon on Series 66

I passed the Series 66 test first time with a score of 89 after attending the preparatory class Feb. 19-20.


Todd on Series 7

Subject: Sign me up for another class!

Just kidding...scored an 89; pretty thrilled (actually relieved). Still don't really understand options or margins; just "wrestled the thing [with your help and guidance] to the ground."  Couldn't have done it without you!

Brett on Series 7


I am very pleased (as well as relieved) to report that both Andy and I passed today! I will say that your class was a great help in accomplishing this goal. The options chart was a life saver. That was the only thing that I wrote down on my scratch paper. If someone can understand that chart, they can handle about 90% of options questions. There wasn't anything that stuck out to me that I hadn't seen before. The practice exams are harder than the actual test, in my opinion. Thank you again for the help that you provided. I hope to be back in the future!



Brian on Series 7

It's not very often that I get to celebrate at 1:30 PM on a Monday.  I had a stretch of questions that seemed like they could make or break my test, but I ended up with an 86%!

I didn't have any horrible surprises on the exam, mostly because of your class and preparation instructions.  I will recommend your class to anyone I know taking the exam.  Thank you for everything!

Stanley on Series 7

Pleased to let you know both of us JPMorgan students passed the Series 7 exam on Monday and Tuesday this week with an 87% and 85%.   The class was great and helped out tremendously, we really appreciate it.

Cory on Series 7

I wanted to write and let you know that, thanks in HUGE part to your class last week, I passed my Series 7 today with a 93%.  Thanks again for all you do to help us students - going to your class was an invaluable experience!

Patrick on Series 7

I took my series 7 this morning and passed! 82%   Your study guide was immensely helpful.

Craig on Series 24

I was at your Series 24 class in KC a little while back and just wanted to let you know I passed the 24 on the 1st try! Your class was definitely the key – thank you!

Dayne on Series 7

I took my series 7 this morning and passed with an 82%! Thank you so much, your class was a huge help!

Chris D. on Series 7

Just wanted to thank you again for the great class 2 weeks ago.  It really helped......I PASSED!!!!  I got a 74 on the exam, so maybe I studied too much!!  = ).

Anyway, I will definitely recommend your class to anyone that I talk to.

Callie on Series 6

I took the Series 6 test yesterday after having taken your class on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm very happy to report that I got a 90%! Completely unexpected, but I was very, very pleased with the results. Thanks so much for all your help! The class was definitely the reason I passed with the score that I did.

Thanks again!

Series 7

You da ma’am!  I took my Series 7 yesterday and sweated out an 88%.  I credit your class for my high score.  Your techniques, mnemonics, style, and positive reinforcement made a real difference in my confidence before and during the test.  I will heartily recommend your class to anyone seeking to pass the Series 7. 

Bob L.
One of the funniest we have received!

Well Maggie, you can tell your Priest to send an investigator over from Rome because you were involved in the miracle of getting me passed on the series 7! I hate to admit I tried to read material from your competitor but it just confused me more. There is something to be said for going to class and feeling accountable. What I really hate to admit is I didn't study before attending your class and only had the week to get my act together. I took your practice tests twice and only scored a 65 and 61. I was so shaken before the test, knowing I was going to fail, that my foot slipped off my brake at a red light and rear ended the lady in front of me 1 minute prior to my test appointment. Happy to report I got a 78 percent! You have a unique ability to take the label off the ugly ingredients of how sausage is made and make it a pleasent experience. I have decided to reward myself with a quiet night at my farm with Ludwig Van Beethoven playing in the background in my 5th wheel. Now how is that for a well rounded redneck in BETO junction. You will need to take me up on the offer to come shoot skeet.

Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I will be back for the other 2 tests I have to take!

Jerry C.

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